Items in the 1920-29 Collection

1920-Daniel T. Mylrea
The driving force behind the formation of CUGC

1921-Alan Graham, Amateur Championship, Hoylake
Allan Graham beat the great Bobby Jones

1921-David Brown v Cyril Tolley, Welsh Open Amateur
David Brown of Royal Liverpool met Cyril Tolley in the final

1921-The Cat & Fiddle affair
In 1921 Macclesfield auctioneer Stanley Turner won a challenge that he could not play from his house on Buxton Road to the Cat and Fiddle pub in less than 170 shots. He completed the course in a remarkable 64 strokes. In 1926 Prestbury founder member…

1921-Report on final of inaugural County Championship
The frist County Championship, won by Geoffrey Tweedale of Wilmslow G.C.

1921-Cheshire team to play the Midlands
The Cheshire team to play the Midlands Counties, 9th July, 1921 at Delamere Forest G.C.
Back row l to r: G.Q.Dinn (Heswall), J.E.Hassall (Bromborough), W.B.Charles (Royal Liverpool), D.Brown (Royal Liverpool), C.Ashbrook (Stockport), T.N.Sidebottom…

1921-Cheshire v Lancashire
Our first ever county match. And a thumping win!

1922-Tweedale wins Ashton Trophy
Geoffrey Tweedale wins the Ashton Trophy at St Anne's Old Links, then considered to be the premier scratch open in the North